Plantar Test

(Hargreaves Apparatus) Code: 37370- The Plantar Test Instrument (Hargreave’s Method) measures response to infrared heat stimulus, applied to the plantar surface.
Our Plantar Test is the original apparatus, designed in close cooperation with Prof. Ken Hargreaves, who devised the method.
Focus the infrared source below the Plantar surface and with the press of a button … latency to paw withdrawal and infrared intensity are recorded automatically ( manual scoring, as in other models available on the market!).


Automatic detection of paw withdrawal via fiber-optic detection No visual score needed! No mistakes, precise measurement
Function keys on the controller unit to adjust I.R. intensity in the interval 01-99
CUB Software included for direct connection to the PC, when required
USB Flash drive included for easy data portability
Modular Animal Enclosure from 3 to 12 spaces, conveniently designed to restrain mice or rats
Optional I.R. Flux Radiometer for calibration to guarantee the same emission in different machines, and after years of use


Power Requirement Universal mains 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
Commands via soft-buttons
Read-out on multifunction graphic display
Print-out via optional thermal MiniPrinter or panel-mount printer
Starting via keys on the I.R. Vessel and on the Controller
I.R. Intensity adjustable in the interval 01-99 (in one digit steps)
Latency Time displayed on the graphic display, in 0.1s steps
Connection to PC via USB cable
Data Portability via USB flash drive provided
Calibration via appropriate I.R. Radiometer (optional)
Operating Temperature 10° to 40° C
Sound Level negligible
Dimensions 86 x 40 x 35 cm (assembled)
Weight 13.00 Kg 13Kg
Packing 98x49x47cm
Shipping Weight 27.50Kg approx.
Warranty 17400 is covered by 24-month warranty


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