Animal House

Green Line- IVC, GM500 for Mice & GR900 for Rats

Blue Line- 1291 Next for Rat & 1285L Next for Mice

Atlantis Cage and Rack Washer, Higher than ever washing efficiency

Oceanus Cabinet washer: Up to 28 mice cages per load

Arya CS-48,  Dual side change station – surface width: 120 cm – 48”

Easy 400, Cage and bottle washer, very simple to operate

Arya Tech – 48, Dual configuration Micro….

Active Blue, self cleaning Solutions: Unmatched filtration at Rack Level

Pain and Inflammation

Plantar Test (Hargreaves Apparatus), Code: 37370

Plethysmometer,  Paw volume & Oedema, Code: 3140

PAM Pressure Application Measurement, Code: 38500

TPP Test for Mice & Rats, Code: 35250 / 35260


Imaging System and Gas Anesthesia

EZ-108 SA: Single Animal Anesthesia Machine with New TEC 3 Vaporizer

AN-070:    Solo Basic Anesthesia System from VetTech

Vevo-3100, The World’s first One-Touch Preclinical Imaging Platform

Motory Coordination, Grip Strength, Activity

Agora Maze – new sociability test (socioBox Method)