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Established in year 1995 at New Delhi, India by a seasoned professional, Samitek is the leading supplier of Lab Animal Housing Equipment. We deal in complete range of Physiological and Pharmacological instruments designed as recommended by GLP and AAALAC guidlines for Pre-Clinical Biomedical research. Our products include premium quality animal cages, IVC systems, Cage & Rack Washers, Cage & Bottle washers, housing system for Zebra Fish, Lab Animals, Lab Animal Diets & Diet Gels,Lab Animal Bedding & Enrichments, Small Animal Surgical Tools, Animal Handling products, Animal Identification systems and Small Animal Imaging systems from world renowned partners. We provide proactive customer service, expedited delivery schedules and other prefered customer options.


Animal Housing Solutions

Wide range of products for animal housing from Tecniplast, Italy (Rodent & Rabbit Cages, IVC, Cage Changing Station)

Rack Washer

Cage, Rack & Bottle Washers

Animal House Washing equipments  from IWT, Italy. ( Cage & Bottle Washer, Cage & Rack Washer, Bedding Handling System, Washing Automation)

Rota Rod

Pharamcology Instruments

World's best instruments for Bahaviour Studies, Pain & Inflammation from Ugo Basile, Italy (Plethysmometer, Rota Rod, Treadmill, Activity Cage, Plantar Test, Von Frey Filaments, Fear Conditioning, ANY-Maze) 

ISO Cage System for BSL3

Biocontainment & Bioexclusion IVC Systems

ISOCAGE-N for ABSL3 animal facility and ISOCAGE-P for Bioexclusion (For highly Immuno Deficient rodents) are availble from Tecniplast.

Safe Diets

Animal Diets & Gel Diets

Experience the difference and benefit from the manufacturer's competence in Diets, Diet gels and Custom Diets  from Safe Diets France.

Animal Bedding & Environment Enrichment

Shepherd Specialty Papers, USA offer a wide variety of Animal Bedding (Alpha Dri, Alpha Dri Plus) and environmental enrichment (Enviro Dri, Alpha Twist, Shepherd Huts) for the best animal welfare.


DVC - Digital Ventilated Cage System 

The design and development of DVC® effectively promote 24 x 7 collection of animal data directly from the home cage, without stressing the animals.

Small Animal Imaging Systems

The Vevo® platform is the world’s first commercially available Ultra High Frequency Array based ultrasound imaging system, considered as a gold standard in small animal anatomical and functional  in vivo imaging.

Zebrafish Housing System

ZebraFish Housing System

Housing systems with advanced technologies available from Tecniplast for Zebra Fish and Xenopus (Bench Top, Stand alone, Multilinking system and Z-Park system for Zebra Fish welfare)

Marshall Beagle

Lab Animals - Beagle Dogs

Beagle Dogs, Ferrets and AG129 Knockout Mice available from Marshall Bioresources, USA/UK

Metabolic Cages

Metabolic Cages

Metabolic cages (Standard and Referigerated Battery) are available from Tecniplast for Single Mice, Grouped mice, Rat and Rabbits. 

Gas Anesthesia System

Anesthesia & Euthanesia

E Z Anesthesia systems based on latest AVMA guidelines are availble with increased flexibility, are easy to set up and operate (Euthanex Lid system, EA 3330 TS Prodigy Touch Screen- 3 cage output- unlimited pre set times, water heated surgical beds and patented small animal breather masks for anesthesia).


Sterlisers (Autoclaves)

Various small to large sized Steam Sterlisers are available from Matachana, Spain which are incorporated with latest technical design for the saftey and efficacy. 

Heating Pad

Animal Handling Solutions

We supply lab equipment, Anesthesia machine and veterinary surgical equipment of Vet-Tech Solutions , UK. (We take orders for the service, repairs of all kinds of vaporisers for anaesthetic machine)


Products from Lomir, BioServ ,Datamars and Brain Slice Chambers

We supply Dog and Rodent Jackets from Lomir Biomedicals, Enrichment products for Rodents from BioServ , RFID animal identification transponders and readers from Datamars and Brain Slice Chambers from Scientific System Design Inc .


Surgical Instruments

For over 48 years, the Fine Science Tools (FST) Group has been the leading distributor of precision European surgical and microsurgical instruments and laboratory accessories. At FST, we precisely craft over 1,000 products, and serve thousands of customers in universities, research facilities, biotech, and scientific institutions worldwide.

Mouse Oximeter

Pulse Oximetry

Starr Life Sciences is a global leader in innovative small animal research equipment. Our products are used every day to help advance research in life science laboratories around the world and have been cited in many  life science research publications.

Lab Animals- Rodents

High-quality genetically standard and disease-specific research models ( Mice, rats, Aged rats ,Hamsters and Gerbils) available from Janvier Labs France.