Animal Bedding – ALPHA-dri®

Premium Laboratory Animal Bedding that is Clean, More Absorbent and Economical Right Out of the Bag

Alpha Dri
Alpha Dri Plus

Animal Bedding – ALPHA-dri PLUS®

This product offers a two for one advantage: You get all the benefits of the Industry’s leading premium laboratory animal bedding material – PLUS Enrichment.


Animal Bedding – Cellu-nest™

A new, premium cellulose bedding option that is soft, clean, and comfortable..

Cellu Nest
Shephered Shacks

Enrichment-Shepherd Shack®

Our revolutionary rodent enrichment structures…Shepherd Shacks’ provide an activity center for mice to climb on. They can also be chewed and shredded to build a nest.

Enrichment – ALPHA twist™

A new twist in our bedding: Animals transform mini-rolls into a soft nesting material.ALPHA-twist™ is comprised of twisted multi-layered paper that is chopped into short lengths. Once in a cage, rodents unfurl and manipulate them into fluffy nests

Alpha Twist

Enrichment – Enviro-dri™ 

Exceptional economical rodent enrichment bedding additive.Enviro-dri® allowed the mice to build the highest quality nests.  .