Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC)

The IVC system has excellent ergonomics to provide maximum protection to animals and the technicians.The system provides controlled cage air speed to keep the animals free from any anxiety and stress resulting in maximum animal welfare. Thanks to greater cage visibility and easy access, it is convenient to check animals daily and perform hassle free cage change procedures. The IVC system is designed to run with reduced power consumption resulting into energy savings and its less maintenance. Its exceptional filtration process protects the animals in the cage and staff handling the system.  

Dual side cage change station with great ergonomic design . Lightweight and easy to move; hinged view screen for easy access to the working area making the introduction and removal of cage easier.Guaranteed protection: ISO class 4 air quality (ISO 14644-1). Energy efficient: Standard LED bar for higher efficiency and longer lifespan . Easy to clean .Operators’ and animals’ well-being: Acoustic comfort and reduced vibration. Wide range of options available

Conventional Cages

There is wide range of products for different animal species e.g. Mice, Rat, Hamster, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits..The cage size and specifications meets and exceeds current international guidelines. Cage bodies are designed in such a way that it facilitate animal welfare, meet researcher’s requirements with minimize experimental variables. To meet customer’s needs there is large variety of lids, bottles, caps & label holder, accessories and racks configurations. The cages are long lasting and autoclavable and they are ergonomic, easy and practical to use.

Biosafety cabinets

Dual Configuration Microbiological Safety Cabinet and Cage Change Station.

Guaranteed protection for your staff and animals: certified by TÜV-Nord, meets the requirement of EN 12469:2000 regulation and is compliant with NSF49 as Class II Type A2.

Lighter and easier to move: over 50kg lighter that its closest contender. Great ergonomics thanks to electronically raised and lowered front screen for complete protection; noise and vibration minimization.

Standard red LED lights for night mode in Changing Station configurationer,