Bottle Washers

Easy EWF – In-line manual bottle handling system. A complete bottle handling system in only 3 meters.Designed to operate in conjunction with IWT’s extensive range of logistics productsFlexible configurationsEasy to install and simple to use

Cage Washers

Up to 28 mice cages per load with a 5 minutes microbiologically validate cycle.Full glass door with space saving sliding up design.Double loading shelf with embedded adjustable inclination for load presentation

Rack Washers

The new industry benchmark for operational efficiency and flexibility.Higher than ever washing efficiency with wide coverage oscillating arms technology featuring washing and rinsing complete separate circuits.High throughput up to about 1000 mice cages per hour, 10 microbiologically validated cycles per hour.”Building friendly” engineering to allow wall-to-wall installations and just 100mm – 4’’ pit depth.

Cage & Rack Washer

Bedding Dispenser

Standalone bedding dispensing system equipped with a single silo reservoir for the material storage which uses an innovative electrical lifting system for the material movement avoiding any mechanical transportation: original bedding material quality maintenance, low noise solution and fully adjustable operator working height.Unique possibility to process two different bedding materials at the same time: a wide range of bedding types and a set of selected environmental enrichments including particularly light bedding materials, can be processed.


Robotic system for cage bases handling and rack washer applications, ideal for small-medium vivarium to enhance ergonomics and to reduce allergen exposure