DVC® – Digital Ventilated Cage for digital vivarium

You are already familiar with IVCs, the core element of animal housing in your facility.

Now it’s time to discover the revolutionary DVC®, to make your IVCs SMART like never before!



Animals spend roughly 99% of the day in their home cage without being observed. Thanks to DVC® you will 24/7 capture and record data about conditions, events and activity inside each cage without disturbing or altering the animals normal cage behaviors.

DVC® Analytics is the scientific cloud-based portal developed by Tecniplast in order to access and analyze DVC® board raw data generated by the DVC® system installed in the Vivarium, transforming them into valuable animal activity information for your study..


Famous worldwide Tecniplast ISOCAGE N and ISOCAGE P systems for biocontainment and bioexclusion respectively are now potentially even boosted by the DVC® capabilities to provide novel insights and enhance animal welfare checks thanks to the automatic data collection directly from the cage level. Specifically designed DVC® board can be easily retrofitted to already existing ISOCAGE P/N systems and enable different benefits for the researchers and vivarium people. .

DVC® Transport Unit

The DVC® Transport Unit has been developed to move cages from stock/breeding racks to experimental areas, maintaining the same ventilated conditions as their standard IVC rack.