Samitek Instruments established in year 1995 at New Delhi, India by a seasoned professional, Samitek is the leading supplier of Lab animal housing equipment. We deal in complete range of physiological & pharmacological instruments for pre-clinical life science research. Our products include premium high-quality Animal Cages, IVC systems, Cage & Rack Washers, Cage & Bottle washers, Housing systems for Zebra Fish, Lab Animals, Animal Diets, Diet Gels, Animal Bedding, Enrichment Small Animal Imaging Systems from the world-renowned partners. We can provide proactive customer service, expedited delivery schedules and other preferred customer options.

Animal Housing Solutions

IVC Double-sided-racks

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Physiology & Pharmacology


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Bioexclusion & Biocontainment

BSL3 Cages

Tecniplast ISOCAGE-N system is for biocontainment and ISOCAGE-P system is for bioexclusion.