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Mice, rats, hamsters and gerbils, JANVIER LABS offers a large range of rodent models to support your research.

Each of our models benefits from the same standards:health, genetic stability, one sole microbiota, in breeding conditions assuring animal welfare.

Strict breeding conditions to ensure homogeneous research modelsthat guarantee repeatable results for your research over time.

Janvier Labs
Marshall Beagle

Marshall Beagles®

For over 50 years the Marshall Beagle® has contributed to the safety and efficacy testing of new medicines and therapies for both humans and animals. The colony was established in 1962, and was officially closed in 1967.

Influenza-Free Marshall Ferrets®

Marshall has been raising ferrets since 1939. The company founder, Gilman Marshall, began raising ferrets as a hobby for hunting, and also sold them as pets. It was later realized that ferrets also proved to be a valuable model in the development of canine distemper vaccines. Since then, the domestic ferret has become recognized as a valuable model for several areas of biomedical research including: neuroscience, myocardial infarction, cystic fibrosis, to evaluate emesis response, and most notably, influenza vaccine development.

AG129 Mice

Marshall AG129 Mice 

A129 and AG129 Mice Are Valuable for Evaluating Zika Virus Vaccines and Treatments.There is now evidence that mice deficient for interferon receptors, including A129 and AG129 mice, can be valuable for evaluating the efficacy of new vaccines and antiviral treatments for Zika Virus.A129 mice lack the receptor for IFN-α/β (type I interferon), and AG129 mice lack receptors for IFN-α/β as well as receptors for IFN-γ (type II interferon).