The secret of success

Tecniplast metabolic cages provide a perfect separation of feces and urine through the special design of the funnel and of the separation cone.

Cages are available for single mouse (with single chamber feeder), for grouped mice (with double chamber feeder); for rats

Designed to minimize animal stress: drawer-style design for easy filling; all the components below the cage floor can be removed without disturbing the animals

Reliable experiments outcomes

Flexibility and durability

The secret of success

To measure lab rodents’ physical activity in response to chemical or environmental stimuli

Flexibility: adaptable for mice and ratsIdeal for circadian rhythm studies or pharmaceutical testingEasy maintenance

Circadian Rhythms Studies – Leddy

Leddy is the innovative wireless, fully programmable IVC lighting control system for circadian rhythms studies. It allows the operator to set dedicated light cycles directly inside the home cage.