Fine Science Tools (FST)

Scissors, Bone Instruments ,Scalpels & Blades, Forceps & Hemostats, Probes & Hooks. Spatulae, Spoons & Curettes, Pins & Holders, Wound Closure, Retractors, Vascular Instruments, Animal Accessories, Instrument Care & Accessories, Surgical Accessories, Laboratory Accessories, Student Instruments, Left-Handed Instruments

Mouse Oximeter

STARR Life Sciences Corp

STARR Life Sciences Corp. manufactures the MouseOx Plus® pulse oximeter, the world’s first and only patented noninvasive vital signs monitor specifically designed for mice, rats, and other small laboratory animals. (Patent No. 8,005,624). The MouseOx® and The MouseOx Plus® are being used worldwide by thousands of researchers and veterinarians from universities, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations.

In 2013, STARR Life Sciences® acquired the VitalView®/E-Mitter® product line from Philips Respironics, Inc®. These are the same products that have been sold by Mini-Mitter® and Philips Respironics® for more than 35 years.

Lomir Biomedical Inc.

Established in Canada in 1989, Lomir Biomedical Inc. is one of the world’s leading brands in the design and manufacture of animal jackets for all laboratory animal species, as well as infusion systems, collars, restraints, animal-handling equipment and enrichment products. Our head office and manufacturing operations are based near Montreal, Canada, where our research and development take place.



Bio-Serv has been serving the research community for nearly 50 years, and our mission from the beginning has always been to create and provide products that meet the unique challenges associated with working with research animals. Our team of experts in lab animal nutrition and animal welfare understand the requirements of caring for research animals and are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of the research community.


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