samitek service

Enjoy our best service and quality together

We provide satisfactory service to customers for the equipment. The service is performed by our skilled, experienced and qualified Service Engineers. We have a long history of specialization within the laboratory animal facility area. We also undertake ‘after sales service’ of the equipment sold by us .Our Service Engineers have extensive certification training experience from our principals.

Quick & Experienced Support

No matter where in India, we always strive to be ‘On-Site’ as quickly as you need us to be…


Pre-Installation survey is conducted by oue service engineers on customer site.

Installation is done perfectly in a prompt manner as per customer’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

• End user customer is given demonstration & Trained in handling the equipment.

• SAT, DQ-IQ-OQ-PQ are done to customer’s satisfaction.


Samitek Instruments offers Annual Preventive Maintenance Programs which has been developed for all kind of instruments supplied by us. The main features of AMC Preventive Maintenance programs are

• Full Technical Assistance & Support

• Factory trained Service Engineers

• Prompt Response from Team Samitek

In-House Training

• Each year Team Samitek conduct hands-on training for customer to understand the thorough operation and maintenance of the equipment.

In addition, yearly virtual training course for customer also held by Team Samitek. 

 The customers are provided with SOPs to handle and maintain the equipment properly.

The attendees are awarded ‘Training Certificate’ of participation

Site Training

On demand , training is also conducted at customer facility.

Newly appointed staff (Scientists, Animal Technicians & Animal Care Takers) are trained on equipment and Hands -On training provided.

Staff issued certificates after training is completed.