Imaging System – Vevo 3100

With a powerful combination of high frame rates and advanced image processing, the Vevo 3100 micro-ultrasound imaging system reduces speckle noise and artifacts while preserving and enhancing critical information for small animal in vivo studies.

Photoacoustics Imaging – Vevo LAZR-X 

Our Latest, Most Advanced Multi-modal Imaging Platform The Vevo LAZR-X combines high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustics into one platform for high resolution anatomical, functional and molecular imaging.

Vevo 3100 LT

The Vevo® 3100 LT Imaging System is FUJIFILM VisualSonics’ entry-level micro-ultrasound product. It is perfectly suited for performing basic preclinical studies while meeting both your research and budgetary needs. The Vevo 3100 LT offers real-time, in vivo physiological information that contributes to understanding biological functions and so much more.


The World’s First Ultra High to Low Frequency (71-1 MHz) Imaging System for Ultrasound Research. With the Vevo F2, FUJIFILM VisualSonics is expanding our reach to satisfy the imaging needs of acoustic researchers, ultrasound engineers and those that may benefit from ultra high to low frequency imaging capabilities.