Fish Tanks

We are a full service aquatic reserach equipment provider from start to finish. Our complete in-house capoabilities allow us to ensure quality control in the design, engineering and manufacturing of our products. From Benchtop to fully customised systems,from layouting to to installation, training ans bio-service.

Tecniplast’s ZebTec Zebrafish housing system is available in a variety of sizes and configurations.With our multiple level racks and five tank options, we can meet the housing needs of research facilities of any size.

Zebrafish Tanks
Xenopus System

Xenopus Tanks

From Stand Alone systems to medium and large customized housing and life support systems, Tecniplast offers a range of products to fit your research needs. We will work with you at all stages of the process to efficiently design your facility.

Zebrafish Spawning

Innovative technology for improved zebrafish breeding.Large selection to accommodate your needs: pair breeding, small groups or large groups.

Aquatic Washing System

Algae and Biofilm…Gone! – No more scrubbing!

Tecniplast’s Calypso is the breakthrough washing technology exclusively created for aquatic research facilities.Many months of investigation, testing, and analysis in the field, gave origin to the only washing system that removes algae and biofilm during the washing cycle, without manually scrubbing the tanks! The perfect combination of equipment, dedicated presentation rack, patented process, and formula of chemicals deliver perfectly clean and residue-free racks.